Experienced travelers undoubtedly know that privileged airport lounges are the best way to enjoy quiet atmosphere waiting for boarding flight, avoiding overcrowded terminals and uncomfortable expectations sitting in plastic chairs.

Collaboration with “Lounge Express” is an excellent way to gain access into privileged airport lounges all over the world, no matter what airways and class of your flight is.

VIP hall

For those who appreciate personal service.

The Pre-flight formalities are implemented on the separate registration desks with the help of an assistant. VIP hall is a comfortable waiting room and privacy. The service includes private transfer from/ to the plane.

VIP service

VIP service - is a complex of services with special - the most comfortable context of expectations for passengers - and passport and customs control.

VIP halls at airports- are separate and comfortable rooms where our clients are offered:

  • A Priority Provision of a separate flight registration desk, registration and a receipt of luggage
  • Personal escort of a passenger from VIP halls to the plane (for boarding flight) and delivering on separate comfortable transport
  • Individual escort of VIP passengers from VIP hall to automobile
  • Priority Provision of comfortable meeting rooms
  • The services of a restaurant and a bar
  • VIP parking place
  • Nursery (baby’s room)
  • The opportunity to organize photography and video footage

Business hall

Business halls - to rest or to work in silence waiting for a flight in a comfortable hall.

The internet (Free wi-fi). The pre- flight formality procedure should be independently implemented by you.

Business service

Business service - priority provision of a separate comfortable hall that is, normally, in the transit zone. A business hall is for passengers who have already passed through passport and customs control, and checked in and registered their luggage in the common area.

Having accommodated in a business hall, passengers usually wait for the beginning of boarding flight. For more comfortable stay in a hall, you may take advantage of airport bar service, read the latest newspaper or use the internet.

Highly qualified personnel of the business hall will properly inform a passenger about the beginning of boarding flight and, under supervision, a passenger, accompanied by the personnel, will timely depart to the transit area.

A business hall in conjunction with the Fast track service is a more economical alternative service in a VIP hall.

Fast Track

Fast Track is for people with a busy schedule to implement a fast passage of pre-flight formalities.

An assistant meets you at an Airport and helps you with all the procedures without waiting in line.

Fast Track - is an express passage of airport pre-flight formalities that is fulfilled by a passenger who is accompanied by a representative of the company.

Fast Track during the boarding flight- is an express passage of airport formalities that is implemented, normally, by a passenger who is, meanwhile, accompanied by the representative of an airport.

  • Customs control
  • Check in for a flight
  • Passport control
  • Sanitary control (if necessary)

Fast Track on arrival - is the meeting of a passenger in the terminal building and express passage done by a passenger who is accompanied by the representative of an airport:

  • Passport control
  • Customs control
  • Baggage assistance