Sochi, Adler-Sochi (AER)

Sochi International Airport (Adler) (IATA: AER, ICAO: URSS) is one of the ten largest airports in Russia. One of the two main transport hubs of the south (in collaboration with Krasnodar airport). On its "shoulders" bear service of a major Russian resort area, as well as Abkhazia. The airport stands at a distance of 28 kilometers to the south of Sochi. Sochi International Airport has two artificial runways; combined with its taxiways network it has a total length of 4310 meters and a width of 40.5 m of paved tarmac. The platform and parking lot have a total area of 218 square meters, with spaces for more than 1000 cars. Because of the presence of natural obstacles (mountains) to the north and north-east of the airport, take off and landing are only possible on the sea side of the facility. Capacity of the airport complex is 750 passengers per hour/ 2500 passengers per day. The new terminal building  has 3 floors with total area of 62,000 square meters and is one of the largest in Russia. The airport has 440 meters of corridor space and 10 boarding bridges for boarding and deplaning passengers. The airport received extensive renovations in anticipation of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Code: AER
Country: Russia
City: Sochi

  • VIP Lounges

      VIP обслуживание в аэропорту - это организация вылета или прилета пассажиров через VIP-зал, предназначенный для комфортного пребывания в ожидании посадки или после перелета.
      Преимущества VIP - зала: индивидуальное обслуживание пассажира, комфортабельный зал ожидания, предоставление отдельной стойки регистрации, таможенного и паспортного контроля, персональное сопровождение пассажиров от VIP-зала к самолету, доставка на отдельном транспорте, предоставление комфортных переговорных комнат, услуги ресторана и бара, VIP парковка, свежая пресса, интернет.

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